Extensions for Joomla!

A module that shows random quotes changing one another at an interval with fade-in effect. This highly customizable, mobile-ready and easy-to-use module can be very attractive to the visitors of your website. Besides, it can increase the time users spend on your website and reduce the bounce rate, which is important for the behavioral SEO factor of Google and other search engines. Style it by yourself as you want to fit any template and design using built-in features in the configuration or using pure CSS and HTML. Supports RTL languages, editable layout. Load quotes in a user-friendly admin form or use a file in XML or TXT format.
Extended Registration and Login plugin adds new features to standard registration and login views. Options: login with email address as username; combined login and registration views – display login and registration forms on one page; hide email confirmation and password confirmation fields in the registration and profile forms. This extension makes registration and login actions much easier and faster, and improves the management of user accounts.
Universal bootstrap slider with lazy load. Imagine you have 20 slides to give a demonstration of your project. Without lazy load, the whole page can significantly increase in size, which can slow down the page load dramatically. A user will be waiting untill all these images load. With lazy load you can have unlimited slide number of any size. 4 animation types available: classic slide effect, fade effect, flip effect, as well as mixed mode. Extended parallax effect allows to select image scale, animation depth and direction. Other options: multi-lingual HTML captions, responsive design, automatic image resizing and framing, full control over playback and styling.
You might not know that using such popular extensions, as OSMap, XMap, MapX without caching can down your server completely. It is easy to make your site unavailable by doing a school DDOS (HTTP flood) attack from a mobile phone, sitting in front of TV. This is because sitemap generators require a lot of server resources to run heavy SQL queries for building the sitemap. I created this lightweight plugin to make the sitemap generators fast and secure, because there were not clean solutions for XMap based generators that would work without errors. This plugin is like the standart Joomla! Page Cache plugin, but only for the sitemap generators. It does not run SQL queries to get the cache, it does not run SQL queries to store the cache – it uses your system configuration.
SEF Wizard is an extension intended to improve native Joomla! SEF. It has simple logic and high performance. The package contains a system plugin – “Engine”, and a backend component – “Controls”. SEF Wizard allows you to remove IDs from the URL of standard Joomla! components. Also, with this extension, you can remove page duplicates by redirecting a user to canonical pages or by disabling duplicates with a 404 error. The extension allows to disable indexing of some pages that have non-SEF URL. With a “Beautiful pagination” option, you can set custom pagination tags instead of native non-SEF query string parameters – the pagination tags become the part of URL. SEF Wizard also can improve tag routing (correct the URL like “component/tags/tag/item”). It has robots.txt and sitemap.xml editors, that allows you to edit these files from the admin panel. Redirect manager allows you to externally or internally redirect locations to new URLs with the HTTP status codes of your choosing. In redirect rules, you can use regular or exact expressions. Works with absolute and relative URLs as well. It has UTF-8 support that allows to work with UTF-8 domains without punicode.
Lazy Load for Joomla! PRO (JSLazyLoading) is a lightweight performance-oriented plugin for lazy loading and multi-serving of images, that is intended for client-side optimization. Written in pure JavaScript, the plugin does not depend on third-party libraries, such as jQuery. The plugin delays the loading of images that are outside the viewport until a user scrolls to their position in the document. This is the only lazy load plugin for Joomla! that supports lazy load of background images. It can work with AJAX navigation and dynamic modules, such as sliders and carousels (hidden images are not loaded until their visibility status changes). The multi-serving option allows to display images dinamically, according to the device screen width or the device screen density. Retina mode is intended to display high-density images if the device screen density is high enough.
A large number of external style sheets and big CSS files can slow down your page load time. The site speed not only is important to user experience, but also determines web search rankings. As noted by Google, slow page load speed can affect SEO. This plugin allows you to load style sheets asynchronously, so that browsers do not block the rendering of a web page untill style sheets are loaded. To load CSS asynchronously you need to specify the style sheet URLs in the plugin settings. Allthough the styles are loaded with JavaScript, they are also available for the users that have JavaScript disabled.
Simple HTML Minifier for Joomla! removes extra whitespace characters and HTML comments in the document. This can reduce your website bandwidth usage and increase page load speed. Flexible plugin options allows you to save conditional comments or the content in certain HTML blocks that must not be compressed.