Available options

Lazy load – deferred slide loading
Slides are not loaded immediately, they load right before they change. Imagine you have 20 slides to give a demonstration of your project. Without lazy load, the whole page can significantly increase in size, which can slow down the page load dramatically. A user will be waiting untill all these images load. With lazy load you can have unlimited slide number of any size.
4 animation types
Classic slide effect, fade effect, flip effect, as well as mixed mode.
Extended parallax. Original math
Select image scale, animation depth and direction.
Maximum control over playback and design elements
Enable or disable various navigation elements and indicators according to the type of the user`s device. Change the slider playback behaviour to make it user-friendly: interval, autoplayback, pause on hover, keyboard control.
Automatic image resizing and framing
Choose images with the highest quality. The slider will automatically make them light-weight and proportional.
Responsive design, image auto-resizing
For mobile devices, images can be optimized and resized without losing quality to reduce page load time.
Multi-lingual HTML captions
Full control over caption markup and styling.
The easiest way to create slides
Just create a directory and upload your images.
Support of older browsers
You can use it in Internet Explorer 7+.