Open source releases

Word Template Engine is a PHP based template processor and converter that allows to create documents from DOCX templates (download an example.docx) and convert them trough LibreOffice into the following formats: PDF, HTML, XHTML, mail-adapted HTML. This light-weight library will help you in creating invoices, contracts, waylists and other documents. Use variables inside your document and substitute them with values on the server side, replace and delete images, manage document sections (pages), make a document copy or a section copy inside the document, add rows to your tables. Output the documents to a user browser, attach the WORD or PDF files to emails, or create a HTML mail content from your template.
This package contains only raw JavaScript plugin for lazy loading and multi-serving of images. Use it on any platform, but read the manual before including the script in the head section of a page. The Raw JavaScript version is an analogue of the version for Joomla, but it has some specific features that the Joomla! plugin does not. Also, some features, available in the Joomla! plugin, are not available in the raw plugin. It is designed for developers and gives the freedom of customization.