Simple HTML Minifier for Joomla! removes extra whitespace characters and HTML comments in the document. This can reduce your website bandwidth usage and increase page load speed. Flexible plugin options allows you to save conditional comments or the content in certain HTML blocks that must not be compressed.

Check the source code of this page to see the plugin in action.

Installation and usage

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Install the package via Joomla! extension manager and enable it.
  3. Refer to tooltips in the plugin settings or this documentation to get the information on available options.
  4. Select the options you need and save the settings.

Extension settings

Compress HTML output
If this setting is set to yes, the plugin will compress the HTML output.
Remove HTML comments
This setting determines whether to remove HTML comments from content.
Save conditional comments
This setting determines whether to save conditional comments that are used in odler Internet Explorer versions.
Save inline JavaScript
This setting determines whether to save inline JavaScript. Minify inline JavaScript only if you are confident that removing new lines is safe for your scripts.
Use this setting to check PHP script execution time. You can display the result in the browser console or at the top of a page if JavaScript is disabled. Do not forget to close your website in the latter case, while debugging.
Exclude elements
List of elements separated by commas, eg pre, code, custom-tag. The content inside these tags is not compressed. The elements must have the start and the end tag. Custom tags are allowed and they are perfectly valid in HTML5. The following characters are allowed in tag names [a-zA-Z0-9-].
Use excluding comments
If this option is set to yes, the plugin will check if the HTML contains the following HTML comments <!--[NOCOMPRESS]--><!--[ENDNOCOMPRESS]-->. The content inside these comments is not compressed.