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Terms and conditions

The support or a consultation is possible only if you allow to access your website. Therefore, you have to provide the backend and FTP credentials. Otherwise, I will not be able to help you. The connection is secure and protected by SSL/TLS protocols. Before sending a request, make sure you have read the user's manual for the extension — it may be possible to find a solution in the manual.

The support is free if your request is related to fixing bugs. You can also donate to this project if you like my extensions and services. If your request is beyond the scope of a free consultation and related to the customization of an extension, the support may be paid.

If you would like to hire me for development tasks, such as website development, extension development, project maintaining, you should provide a technical task, written in text format. Please, describe in detail the task and the conditions indicating the task accomplishment. Only in this case I can understand your task and estimate the cost and time limits. I recommend to attach the document with a technical task to your message.